The Sarzana Opera Festival is the historic competition that for more than twenty years has been aimed at welcoming young talents of opera and the great names of the opera scene in the places of the Historic City Center.


During the Festival, new singers in search of a quality stage are judged by exceptional jurors who know not only to evaluate but also and above all to enrich these children and this “launching pad for young talents” for the city itself.


“An event in the heart of the city that becomes the heart of the city itself and enhances this art form that distinguishes the whole country” – emphasizes Maurizio Caporuscio, president of the Amici del Loggiato Committee.


The most evocative places in the city, such as the Oratorio di S. Croce and the Fortezza Firmafede, become the scene of singing performances featuring the young talents of the Opera.


According to the artistic director Sabino Lenoci: “Sarzana is a unicum, first for the welcome to the boys, hosted and pampered in the families and by Fiammetta which is a security, and nothing to do with other aseptic theaters and severe and feared jurors. for them it is very important and contributes to their own future, and Sarzana is also an important reality in the cultural world, a respected and true springboard for future and important careers, and children call from all over the world to participate and bear the name of the city all over the world in their growth. When we dedicate ourselves to new talents, an incredible world opens up and we must give the right space and respect for these incredible commitments. ”


The Festival, born from an idea by Fiammetta Gemmi, is organized by the Amici del Loggiato Association, under the artistic direction of Sabino Lenoci, with the patronage of Regione Liguria, Comune di Sarzana and Comune di Santo Stefano.

Sarzana Opera Festival
Sarzana Opera Festival -


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