Pearl of the Eastern Riviera, it overlooks the Gulf of Poets, in the center of a small cove dominated by a promontory on which stands the Castle (dated 1152), today the seat of the Geopaleontological Museum.

Near the promenade there are numerous golden and sandy beaches that have deserved the Blue Flag for years. In the direction of La Spezia, beyond the Venere Azzurra, there is the hamlet of San Terenzo with a 1400 Castle, Villa Marigola immersed in the greenery of the park, a Golf Club overlooking the sea, Villa Magni which hosted PB Shelley, Mary Shelley and Lord Byron.

The splendid hamlet of Fiascherino is also part of the municipal territory, with its beautiful beaches and lush nature. Continuing towards Montemarcello, past Fiascherino you reach Tellaro, a small fishing village that is part of the circuit of the most beautiful villages in Italy. The municipality is part of the Regional Natural Park of Montemarcello-Magra.

Among the events, every first Saturday in July, the Feast of Saint Erasmus is celebrated, patron saint of sailors: a great night procession in the bay illuminated with thousands of candles. The statue is transported through the streets of the village and then on board a ferry escorted by numerous boats is taken to Tellaro and San Terenzo. At the end of the procession fireworks.

Italy: The town of Lerici in Liguria.
Comune di Lerici


Ameglia is the perfect metaphor for Liguria: sea and hills are so attached that tourists are surprised. And of course happy to be able to choose. Thus Ameglia village rises on a hill overlooking the Magra valley: it develops around its castle and the circular tower; to see also the parish church of San Vincenzo and the oratory of the Assumption. Portesone was a pastoral village with stone houses: it is located between Tellaro and Ameglia is an open-air museum.

A few steps from Fiumaretta, a seaside resort with sandy beaches like those of Punta Bianca and Punta Corvo. And then Bocca di Magra, a fishing village, over time became a tourist resort that attracted thinkers and writers such as Montale, Pasolini, Einaudi, Vittorini and others after the war. Today there are several docks for pleasure boating and nautical charter services.

The coast is spectacular: it extends from the beaches of Marinella di Sarzana to the rocks and rocks of Tellaro. Continuing towards the Gulf of Poets, by boat or for impervious paths, you will find the beach of Punta Bianca in the Montemarcello Magra Park, on the southern end of Caprione and further on Punta Corvo beach, an expanse of sand and dark pebbles.

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