The Territory

The city of Sarzana is located in the eastern Liguria, in the province of La Spezia.

The territory of the Municipality of Sarzana extends on the left bank of the Magra River, a short distance from its mouth; the area, relatively flat, largely corresponds to the alluvial accumulation of the river, which here completes the last curves, includes some hills (maximum altitude 603 m), especially along the borders with neighboring Tuscany (Municipality of Fosdinovo), and yes it develops up to the sandy shores of the coast (beaches of Marinella di Sarzana).

Behind Sarzana there are on one side the valley of the Magra, a natural way of communication with the hinterland, and on the other the northern end of the Apuan Alps (known worldwide for the marble quarries); to the west, beyond the hills, the Gulf of La Spezia and then the villages of the Cinque Terre; to the south-east the coast continues with sandy beaches gradually wider up to the seaside resorts of Versilia.

The city also stands at the foot of the Sarzanello hill, on which the fifteenth-century Fortress of Sarzanello rises, which together with the coeval Fortress Firmafede, placed inside the city to reinforce the defensive system on the southern side, characterizes with its size visible to great distance the urban landscape.

The environment sees the prevalence of anthropized contexts (urban, artisanal and agricultural areas), but there are also vast areas where human intervention has only marginally affected.

The Sarzanese territory, which is part of the Regional Natural Park of Montemarcello-Magra-Vara, also includes some Sites of Community Interest identified for their environmental peculiarities (botanical and faunal), such as the “Bozi”, artificial lakes produced by excavation of the clay that was used by some furnaces and that today constitute a real green lung, frequented by numerous species of water birds, a stone’s throw from the city center.


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